Lust Delayed

I’m so frustrated by lust delayed!

Plans of embraces again betrayed!

Everything inside me burns for you!

A mutual desire, love that is true.

Chest flutters, arms quiver to hold you tight.

Sip your sweet aroma, love you all night.

When can our skin mold together as one?

When will these other life burdens be gone?


The Insanity of Normalcy

The insanity of normalcy

living the way I’m supposed to be

I’m my own worst enemy

always looking in front of me

or seeing whats behind

analyzing with my mind

never just being

I lead a life of quiet desperation

never found my calling, my inspiration

I don’t know what I love, what I should be

I don’t know who I am, I don’t know me!


Stay The Course

Stay the course!

No matter how hard, or even if you feel worse!

Stay the course!

Against all odds, against remorse!

Stay the course!

You wanted, you even willed this force!

Stay the course!


His thoughts were soft at first, mild. An urge to kiss her lightly. You see she was an ember deep within his soul, never quite out, always flickering within.

A light brush of her cheek with his lips changes things. She is gentle warmth and familiar scents of vanilla, lavender, promises.  An exotic wine, filling his nose and flooding his being.

Tracing her cheek lower to the indentation of her jaw and beautiful, delicate neck, he can sense her response.  Her skin warms and flushes. Her breath tightens. She is starting to build a need for him, an ache that urges her to thrust forward.  She squirms!

This could be so easy, fast, but he needs to prolong this experience! He needs to have her body, soul and essence.  Deep down he needs to torture her a little. She must realize his power, control. She must ache until she begs for his touches.  She must give herself wholly to him.  Give in to his any desire!

Gently grasping her wrist, he tightens the bindings so she is helpless. Her blindfold makes her anxious, jumpy! She cannot guess what comes next.

And so he begins his pure torturous strumming of her physical being with his playful mind. She has fully submitted and will beg for him….

Soft Slow Kisses

My intention is soft, slow kisses,

but most of the time my intention misses!

I grab and hold and thrust and pull,

an awkward, demanding, bumbling fool!

My love quickly turns to lust.

No longer a want, but a need, a must!

Your touch has sparked a fire inside,

a wild, reckless downhill ride!

Lascivious Thoughts

Lascivious thoughts cloud my waking mind,

stirring primal feelings deep within me.

Your soft skin calls, not just physically,

but mentally as well.  Desire so strong!

I am fully lost in the warmth of you.

My eyes glaze with urgent needs of release.

My internal fight is to prolong this!

Give me your touch, give me your soft sweet warmth!

Float with me in this sensual dream of us.

Fight the need to thrust and cry, prolong this!

My mouth waters for your wonderful taste.

No other world exists but all of you.

Quicken with me now to the edge of ecstasy!

Hold me tight, grab my hair, slide onto me!

Enter together we as one being.

My life, my love, my everything!

Childhood Magic

Childhood magic, falling snowflakes,

Wonderfully joyous!

Cleansing landscapes, losing mistakes.

Frigid new start for us!

Mother nature’s chore delayer.

Sliding down a hillside!

Laughing children, school betrayer.

Warm and cozy inside!

Hot chocolate, frozen faces,

Carrying the firewood.

Blanket forts and hugging places,

warm together inside!