Readin’ n Writin’

I have always loved reading! Since I was a boy, I enjoyed being carried away by the imagination of others put into novel form. Finding a new author is like discovering an uncharted land. I am constantly amazed by the quality of work hidden among the volumes of books in my local book store.

Reading has always been an escape for me, a comfortable routine. The process itself is important. A comfortable chair, the right light and a hardcover book minus the dustcover. It is a sensual experience. The smell, feel and the images formed in my mind all work together to create the memories of the author’s work. A great work is a time machine transporting me hours into the future without knowledge of the passing time. The end of the book is triumph and melancholy together.

Recently, my routine has been upset. I never gave much thought to computer blogs. I don’t particularly like reading on a computer screen. It’s just not the same. The smell and feel of a book is lost to awkward keys, mousepads and screen lighting. Several months ago, in between books, I started reading some opinions on WordPress. The quality of work is outstanding!

I started with the munchkinwrangler.His writing is intriguing and his “incite” is eloquant. He renewed my interest in writing by showing the process he uses for his work. From his recommendation, I purchased a fountain pen and have written in my journal every day since. His blog is now a daily destination.

I have always loved poetry and stumbled onto the poettraveler. The writing on this website is at times beautiful, technical and usually both. When a single poem leaves you imagining the characters backstory, the author has accomplished their goal. Another daily read.

Therein lies the problem. The quality of work I am finding on the net limits the amount of reading I can do in one day and still carry on with my “paying job”. I used to laugh quietly to myself when I saw someone reading ‘blogs on the net’, but I think I have been sucked into the whirlwind. A credit to the quality of the writing I have found.

Along with reading, I love writing. I cringe at the thought of being harshly judged, but enjoy the process just the same. Funny, but from my very first post, I understood while blogging is so popular. It is the thought that you just may do for others, what past writers have done for you.

Reading and writing are very private acts. Not only a window into who you are, but how you became that way. I have come to realize that blogging is, at times, an act of bravery. Exposing who you are, to see if others feel the same.


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